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Patent Legal Services

CrossPond Law's patent protection legal services are designed to help clients protect their inventions and maximize innovation value in the global marketplace.

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Patent Legal Services

We provide a full range of patent legal services

CrossPond Law specializes in writing patent applications to protect your inventions. We work closely with clients to ensure that the application is accurate and comprehensive, meeting the complex requirements of patent law. We guide clients through the application process to secure patent protection and maximize the value of their intellectual property.

CrossPond Law files your patent application at the USPTO, and guides clients through the examination process after filing. We respond to office actions, communicate with patent examiners, appeal final rejections, identify opportunities for accelerated examination, and take other actions to steer applications to issue as smoothly and economically as possible.

CrossPond Law prepares and files PCT applications for global patent protection, and works with local counsel in foreign countries to obtain patents for clients in those jurisdictions. In a global marketplace, foreign patents can provide valuable protection for your inventions.

CrossPond Law offers freedom-to-operate analysis to clients. We assess the potential risk of infringement of existing patents, and advise clients on how to avoid potential legal challenges, early in the design process – before manufacturing begins. With our help, clients can make informed decision about the commercialization of their product or service, and reduce the risk of legal challenges. 

CrossPond Law offers patent portfolio analysis services to help clients right-size their worldwide patent portfolios based on their business goals, product focus, target markets, manufacturing locations, competitor locations, and other factors. We also work with clients to identify and close gaps in their patent portfolios. CrossPond Law provides analysis and recommendations to optimize a patent portfolio’s value, while minimizing the cost of maintaining it.

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    At CrossPond Law, we are committed to providing professional and affordable global patent and trademark protection to businesses of all sizes. As an experienced in-house counsel for technology companies in the Bay Area since 2001, I have gained invaluable insights into what investors want. Our core values include prompt response times, delivering quality service, clear communication, and no surprises in billing.

    Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We have a proven track record of assisting companies with patent filings in their early stages, which is highly valued by investors. Additionally, we have successfully helped clients refine their patent portfolios at a later stage, resulting in increased value for investors and finance departments.

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    CrossPond Law is a legal firm founded in 2017 by Brian Schar with the objective of providing global patent and trademark protection services to clients at an affordable cost. The firm operates differently than other law firms as Brian's previous experience as an in-house counsel at various technology companies in the Bay Area has helped him understand the business concerns that drive patent and trademark filing, IP strategy, and patent portfolio management.
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